Wholesale Pricing & Pay as you go from the Start

  • Web Dialer


    From: 59,00  / month
    (per port)

    • WebRTC or Flash/RTMP powered
    • Widget Audio for Users
    • DTMF / Touch Tone (Phone Pad)
    • Peer-to-Peer Web calling
    • SIP Connect (PBX, Call Center, …)
    • Phone Number Forwarding (optional)
  • Field Service


    From: 49,00  / month
    (per port)

    • WebRTC powered
    • No Apps, No Downloads, No Plugins
    • Video Calling / Teamview (Scheduled)
    • Rescue call (SIP Connect)
    • Live Chat, File Sending
    • Paypal integration
  • Call Center


    From: 49,00  / month
    (per port)

    • WebRTC powered
    • Multiple Voice & Video Calling
    • Applications / Triggers / Addons
    • Call Transfer / Pause / OnHold
    • SIP Connect (Trunking)
    • Analytics Reporting
  • CoBrowsing


    From: 29,00  / month
    (per port)

    • All Desktop Web Browsers compliant
    • No Downloads, No Plugins
    • Ready for Phone or Video Calling
    • User Side Widget Button (FAB)
    • Agent Side Widget Button
    • Follow Remote Cursor
  • Meeting Point


    From: 49,00  / month
    (per port)

    • WebRTC powered
    • Up-to 6 peers per meeting
    • Video conferencing SD, HD, Audio
    • User Account Management
    • Fixed/Custom URL per User / Agent
    • OAuth with no password
  • Remote Viewer


    From: 39,00  / month
    (per port)

    • WebRTC powered
    • Local / Remote Video
    • Live Chat
    • Dual File Sharing
    • Dual Screen Sharing
    • Mute / UnMute Audio

Applications Portfolio

Ready-to-run cloud-based communications

Field Service

Add Peer-to-Peer  “face-to-face" attention and answer video calls at the same time as your conventional phone calls. Field Service for Business or Healthcare allows to speed up rate of sales by putting video to your users / agents / professionals. Do not miss opportunities in your online transactions, serve better your customers with a superior remote treatment like never before.

Web Dialer

Allows all your customers and users to make phone calls directly to your PBX or IVR from any desktop web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera,…). Our Web Dialer works directly with any modern browser compliant with WebRTC or equipped with a flash player, no other external plugins, no browser extension installation or java applets will be required to connect your business.

Remote Viewer

Provides extended functions to any Call Center during a phone call or not, in order to create a new way to provide customer support or any advanced care process. Remote Viewer works with any compliant web browser to dramatically improve your Customer Experience extending all your agents and users conversations at phone with Live Chat, Dual File Sharing, Dual Screen Sharing…

Call Center

Provides an advanced multi-channel Contact Center platform “as a service” to empower your RTC or IVR projects. Call Center is designed to manage a small, medium or large number of agents running a thin client or a web browser. This solution can be connected to all our Video SPLIT or Web Dialer interfaces as well as in combination with standard telephony channels.

Meeting Point

Meeting Point is a Video Conferencing platform that allows to create virtual meetings from any modern browser and your own mobile app (on demand). It provides a personal meeting room with custom URL to your employees or support interactions. Meeting Point manages easily video & audio conferences in a secure WebRTC environment to improve your business processes.

Our solutions offer more flexibility and savings.

SIP Connect

We provide open interfaces to extend your existing systems

Cloud Elasticity

All VoIP traffic can be received from your current carrier.

PBX Compatibility

Provision Trunks can be connected to most existing PBX systems.

Port Scalability

Upgrade your service without any limit of ports.

Improve your processes with our Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Turnkey service?

Turnkey solutions offers flexibility and deliver significant savings to the business or service provider. These IVR or RTC ready-to-run products can be standalone or used in combination to provide an end to end services.

What kind of Web Browsers are supported?

We support modern desktop web browsers compliant with WebRTC like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Some of them can have some specific limitations like Safari for mobile and screen sharing. Please, contact our sales and support team for more information.

How can I receive support for the offering?

Yes, our Support team uses the following definitions for a ticket's Priority Levels.

Is there any Support ticket priority levels?

Yes, our Support team uses the following definitions for a ticket's Priority Levels.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Turnkey service?

Yes, you can select another plan to your account and convert one to another.

What kind of Call Center solutions are supported?

All our IVR or RTC products includes a SIP connect interface compliant with most IP PBX or Call Center Solution Suites in the Market.  Please contact our Sales to learn more about your Call Center Integration.t.

Can I get specific Support or Professional Services?

Yes, our Support team can provide specific support or customise your service according to your requirements. Please contact our Sales for specific support packs.

We can help you to select the right integration.